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The easy fix
for aging pipes
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If it's leaks you fight,
make it Watertight.


Bring new life to old pipes, affordably and sustainably, improve water quality, protect pipe integrity – and restore services in as little as one day!


The Water Problem

Water is our most precious resource. The health of any community depends on a steady supply of clean and safe drinking water. An aging infrastructure however poses major challenges to water utilities... and tight municipal budgets. As pipes age, corrosion and tuberculation can affect water quality, restrict flow and cause pipe failure. Leaching of asbestos-cement pipes can cause matrix deterioration weakening the pipe structure. Replacing affected pipes is very costly and disrupts traffic and impacts the neighborhood for weeks. 

As an authorized applicator for Resiline 320 focused on Ontario, Watertight Lining Solutions Inc. can deliver a time and cost saving way to rehabilitate and extend the life of aging potable water pipe. The Resiline 320 cleaning and lining process is specifically designed to rehabilitate existing potable water mains, restoring pipes to near original diameter, restoring flow and efficiency and enhancing the pipe structure. Resiline is a product of the pipe lining research and development division of Resimac Ltd., a UK based manufacturer of specialized coatings materials distributed around the globe. Resiline has a team of product development scientists with unparalleled knowledge and a combined industry experience of 94 years. This enables Resiline to develop innovative and unique materials to meet the demands of the water pipe lining industry.


Our aging water infrastructure is subject to both corrosion and tuberculation build up caused by the interface of metal and water. These issues waste precious water, lead to higher operational costs and will eventually cause failure if not addressed.

Resiline Renewal Liner 320 is a close fit, smooth liner that maximizes internal diameter to increase flow and efficiency while reinforcing pipes with existing cracks, pin holes and corrosion pitting. The liner can extend the life of the existing asset by helping to prevent internal corrosion and providing resistance to tuberculation build up.

Don't Replace - Renew

Communities around the world depend on a safe and steady supply of drinking water. An aging infrastructure, however, poses significant challenges to water providers... and to tight municipal budgets. As pipes age, corrosion and tuberculation build-up can affect water quality, restrict flow, and even cause pipe failure. Replacing affected pipes is costly, disrupts traffic and can leave homes and businesses without water for days. Resiline Pipe Renewal Liner 320 gives you a time - and cost-saving way to resolve water quality and pipe integrity issues - while reducing the impact on the public.